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What makes us different?

Our promise to you

Many times law firms boast about giving quality legal advice, being client-focused and responsive. The way we see it, these should be givens. We promise these things too, but we don’t think they’re anything to boast about. To us they are the bare minimum. We believe you deserve more.

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We are ready to guide you in all aspects of estate planning, probate, and family law.

We are real people

Far too often in lawyer-client relationships, there is little human connection. It is all about the transaction. The lawyer provides their service, the client pays the bill.

We prefer to emphasize real human connection. We get to know our clients, care about them, and enjoy our time with them.

Flat fees

Would you ever buy a product or service without knowing how much it costs? We wouldn’t, and we don’t expect our clients to either. Yet that is exactly how most other attorneys charge for their service – by the hour. And they can’t tell you how long they will work on the case or how much it will cost. This creates uncertainty, potential conflicts of interest between the client and attorney, and in most cases misleads the client.

Client’s may be able to initially hire the attorney for a lower price, but then get a bill each month (that they have no control over) and if they don’t pay that bill each month, regardless of whether it is $200.00, $2,000.00 or $20,000.00, their attorney will likely withdraw from the case. Then the client is left in the middle of their case—having spent a lot of money—now has no attorney and has to try to hire yet another attorney. That new attorney is going to take even more money to just get “caught up” on the case. It is a vicious cycle that isn’t good for the client or attorney.

Flat fees are best for our clients because they give our clients certainty – a custom price that fits the specific case or matter. It also allows us to focus on our work and not on billing, which takes a lot of time and effort. We get paid for our service, work product, judgment, efficiency and effectiveness. Not how much time it took to do a specific task.

While flat fees may initially appear to be higher than other attorneys’ initial deposits, at the end of the day they are generally more in line with what the client would have paid by the hour – sometimes more, sometimes less, but the client knows the price before representation begins.

Brita has been charging flat fees exclusively for over 15 years and literally wrote the book on how attorneys can charge flat fees. Our clients know the full fee prior to any representation. There are no surprises or unexpected bills. Regardless of why our clients seek our help, the situation is stressful enough. Our clients don’t have the added stress of unexpected fees and costs.

If price is the most important thing for you, then we are not the right firm for you.

Ready to get started?

Initial Assessment, not free consultation

Another way in which we are different from most other law firms is that we don’t give free consultations – we don’t think they are good for our potential clients. This is why. You get what you pay for. When most attorneys give a free initial consultation, the potential client is getting a bit of the attorney’s time for a meet and great. Generally, no legal advice is being given and it wastes both the client’s time and the attorneys.

Our assessments are different. Only after we determine that we handle your type of matter, as well as go through some other preliminary questions, do we then book an assessment. When you book an assessment with us you will know that we handle your type of matter, there are no conflicts of interest, and we will have reviewed your facts prior to meeting with you. When we meet, we will have a working meeting in which you will know where you stand legally, what your legal options are, and we will form a plan on how to proceed with your matter. You will leave the assessment with a solid blueprint and plan.

And our assessment fee is credited towards your first flat fee if hired at the assessment.

Limited case load

Given our efficiency, including our use of flat fees, we are able to limit our case load and not take on as many cases as other attorneys. That means that our clients get more of our time and attention as we have fewer clients to take care of at any given time.

We are an Estate Planning and Family Law practice with an emphasis on real human connections. We get to know our clients, care about them, and enjoy our time with them.

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