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What we do

We don't try to do it all

What we do is family law, estate planning, and probate and we do it exceptionally well.

Our clients want to take care of business, properly. We’re here to help them do just that.

Estate planning / probate

Leave a legacy, not a mess.

We don’t just sell will or trust documents. We provide comprehensive representation and counsel so that each of our clients has a thorough and well-designed estate plan that they know gives them the best shot of not only providing for their wants and needs and that of their families, but also of ensuring that end of life transitions are as painless and easy as possible for all involved.

Our plans go beyond the standard template estate planning documents. They consider each of our client’s unique family situations, needs and desires.

Family law

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the bridge you said you would cross when you got to it.

Generally, by the time someone is in a family lawyers office, they have been thinking about difficult decisions for a while. No one is terribly happy to go see a family law attorney. If you are seeing one, it means the family you envisioned isn’t going well or isn’t to be. That is difficult on the best days.

Our job is to help our clients navigate through the legal process, shelter them from as much “yuck” and drama as possible, and be able to complete the process with their self-respect intact knowing that they did right by their family and themselves.

Brita Long - Attorney
Brita Long
Jonathan Long - Attorney
Jonathan Long

Ready to get started?

We are ready to guide you in all aspects of estate planning, probate, and family law.

We are an Estate Planning and Family Law practice with an emphasis on real human connections. We get to know our clients, care about them, and enjoy our time with them.

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